The top 10 restaurant & cafe wordpress themes – 2019

It is a good chance to have an online platform for your business, it helps you reach out your market goals. In restaurant and cafe fields it is more important because people like to see the restaurant or the cafe before going there, it is kind of checking the place. So, the restaurants that do not have a website, they may lose some visitors because of this reason. Also you can share your features in that website so that people who see these features become interested and want to visit your place. Here is a list of the top 10 restaurants and caf├ęs wordpress themes that you may use to create your platform and start an online services that will increase your visitor rate.

15+ RTL and WPML supported wordpress themes

To increase the number of your website visitors, you must show your content in many languages because people loves to see everything in their mother language. There are many languages in the world written from right to left such as arabic and not all themes supports this because it is hard to make everything you have designed appers from right to left especially in CSS files. For that, we suggest you some of the best themes that support this aim. They are well designed to make your website looks suitable with many languages.

The best 30 portfolio wordpress theme for you!

Wordpress provides many different themes for your different needs. And that is why people prefer wordpress themes more than the others. In the list below we are giving you some of the best portfolio wordpress themes that can be suitable for many jobs such as creative business owners, designers, artists, photographers, and anyone else who is looking to show his work to the people around the world. Have a look at them and we are sure that you will find the best!