The most populer 25 Education wordpress theme

Most of money around the world is now spent on education especially on online education because it is easy and it can be done without attendance. The way to start learning or teaching online is to start your website, and when we say website we must say WordPress as well. People in the education field does not need to know much about coding, so they need something like WordPress theme that help them to create many useful websites very easily. Here we are listing some of the best education WordPress themes that you may choose to create your school, university or college website.

5 of the best WordPress themes for kids and children

WordPress is a platform that can serve all age categories around the world. So, it can be a good solution for kids and children as well. WordPress provides many different and easy to use elements that your kids can easily use to create their own websites. The thing is to give our kids the confidence of doing their jobs by themselves and WordPress support this aim. Here we are presenting you some of the best WordPress themes that our kids can use.

The most popular 15 BuddyPress WordPress themes – 2019

BuddyPress is a very useful WordPress social networking plugin that give you a space to create your own social network that you may share it with friends, family or in work. Here we list some of the most popular BuddyPress themes that customers love in 2019. These themes also are built especially to compatible with the bbPress plugin which is another tool for WordPress that lets you add social features to your site.